Fisso Strato XS-13 + Magnetic Base + Indicator (0.01mm) + Case
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Fisso Strato XS-13 + Magnetic Base + Indicator (0.01mm) + Case

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  • Item #: XS13.50-S1
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Strato XS-13 with On / Off Magnetic Base
+ Indicator (0.01mm) + Carrying Case

The smallest Strato model is suitable for use with
dial test indicators on machine tools, in measurement
systems and when only limited space is available.
Pre-tensioning cannot be set.

This kit comes complete with a 0.01 mm resolution indicator 
and carrying case. Perfect for the technician on the road.


Model XS-13 F + S2
Overall height 220 mm
Radius of movement 130 mm
Fine adjustment 8 mm
Base size 34 x 30 x 35
Holding strength (approx N.)  300
Order number XS13.50-S1


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